4 Quick Workout To Burn Belly Fat Fast


Diet and Exercise both are very important in weight lose or fitness program but Exercise really helps to burn belly fat Fast  and get a slim and smart body . Here are 4 Quick exercises that can really help in burning Excess fat from your Bell instantly

Quick workout 4 exercises to burn belly fat

Here is list of 4 Quick Work out which will help to reduce belly fat as well as help to lose weight of overall body. Repeat three times per week.

1. Abdominal short with foot rest 90 degrees

Lying on his back, lift and bend your knees to an angle of 90 degrees to the trunk – you can leave your feet flat to facilitate the exercise.How to lose belly fat fast Raise your shoulders toward the knees. If you can, do it with arms outstretched and holding pesinhos 2 kilos.

How do: four sets of 20 repetitions each.

2. Plank

Lying face down and legs straight, lift the body supporting him on his toes and forearms, which should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees.How to lose belly fat fast The column is aligned. Hold the position with the contracted abdomen. If you can, take one of the ground arms and lay it in front of him, then repeating on the other side.

As to: Four series of one minute with 30 second intervals between them.

3. Abdominal side

Lying on the left, keep right hand extended in front of him, touching the ground (this is his point of support during exercise). How to lose belly fat fastThe right shoulder and back do not touch the ground. Elevate your legs and your knees bent, bring them toward your chest. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side.

How do: two sets of eight repetitions with 30 seconds rest between them.

4. Full Abdominal with extended knees

Lying on her back on the floor with legs straight, place your hands under the lower back . Lift the trunk to sit, always looking forward and keeping the abdominals tight.How to lose belly fat fast Who is starting can help push hands. Then descend slowly return to starting position, bending and lumbar.

How do: two sets of eight repetitions each.

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