Exercise to Lose Weight at home


Concern about Fitness is increasing, especially among young people. However, with life running, many of them have no way to Exercise to Lose Weight at home. Especially for high time to attend an academy or engage in some sports practice regularly. Another factor that hinders them from enrolling in classes is the investment.exercise at home

However, there are several exercises to Lose Weight,can help to achieve goal without appliances, using household utensils and at low cost. Therefore, it is important to be a regulated person. We suggest that you create a spreadsheet with the exercises performed, the day and the weight. To help you, in this post we will give you one exercise tips from each muscle group so you can exercise to Lose Weight at home!

5 Exercise to lose Weight

1. Create a Timeline For Exercise to Lose Weight

So do not get lost in the training routine, create a schedule with the days of the week that you will exercise and which exercises correspond to each day. We suggest that the division be made by muscle groups. Example:

1st Day: Legs
2nd Day: Pectoral, shoulder and triceps.
3rd Day: Back, abdomen and biceps.

Important: Exercises should be done in 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

For those who want to gain mass it is important to add rest between exercises. Ex: Do the pectoral 1x exercise and rest 40 seconds, repeat two more times – always resting between one series and another – and move to the shoulder exercise.

If your goal is to lose weight you can perform the training in a circuit, resting one muscle while knitting the other. Ex: Do the pectoral exercise, then the shoulder exercise and finally the triceps exercise. When you finish all three, repeat all again until you close 3 sets.

2. Working out the legs exercise to lose Weight

Many men do not like to work out their legs, but they are the source of our body’s support and it is essential that the muscles grow harmoniously! If you do other physical activity, such as football, skateboarding, surfing or anything else, it is important that you take care of your lower body muscles.

Keep feet apart, aligned shoulder width apart. Take care that your back is straight, strengthening your legs and abdomen. Hold the bean bag with both hands and descend slowly by bending your knees as if to sit on a chair. Important: When crouching your knee can not stay in front of the tip of your feet.

3. Pectoral, Shoulder and Triceps Exercise to Lose Weight


The indicated exercise for the breast is flexion that you can exercise only with the strength of your body. Lying down, open your arms at the same width of the shoulders and rest your hands on the floor. Stand on your toes, bend your elbows and come down without leaning on the floor. Important: always keep your abdomen firm and your back straight. Take care not to compensate for movement with another part of the body.


Sitting on a bench, with the spine straight and the abdomen contracted, take a bag of beans in each hand. The palm of the hand should be facing forward and the bean bag must be held in a way that forms a 90 ° angle between the arm and forearm. Lift the bean bag straight and extend the arms completely, then lower it causing it to be parallel to your body.

Triceps in chair

With your back to the chair, support your hands at its edges, straighten your legs, keep your back straight, and direct your body to the floor. Be careful not to force the spine, always contract the triceps and abdomen muscles.

4. Back, Abdomen and Biceps Exercise to Lose Weight


Experts say that 80% of people will experience back pain at any time in their lives, so it is very important to take care of them. The exercise tip is the weightless paddling. Hold on a pillar, or a door. Position your feet according to the angle you hold – the more they pass through the line where you are holding them, the more difficult the exercise will be. After positioning your feet, pull your body by flexing your elbows until it almost touches your chest.


To work out the abdomen separate your skateboard ! Rest your knees on the floor, hold the skateboard in front of your body at its edges and slide it forward to the maximum extent you can. Follow the skateboard with your body, but remember to keep your spine always upright and contract the abdomen, so that the exercise does not force your lower back.


Sit in a chair, separate your legs, and tilt the change forward. Hold the water bottle in the hand of the arm that will exercise first, support the elbow on the leg and bring the weight to the chest after lowering and start again.

5. Aerobic Exercises to Lose Weight

To complete the training of bodybuilding the ideal is to perform some type of aerobic exercise. If you have a motion-sensed video game this is the perfect match, otherwise there are many other ways.

Doing aerobic with the video game

Currently almost all video games can be played using a motion-sensing device. These games require the person to stand and interact with what is happening inside the screens. If the character needs to jump some obstacle, the person who is controlling him must jump in real life. Jump rope, climb ladders and make polichinelo

If you do not have the motion sensor in your video game, you can jump rope, make jacks or dispense the elevator and start climbing and descending stairs.

No more sedentary! Put the above tips into practice and see how exercise brings health benefits. With a few days you will notice that you will be less tired and in a few weeks your body will already be showing signs of adapting to bodybuilding. However, before starting your workout it is important to consult a health professional.

Do not forget to align your diet with exercise to have the best possible effect. As you will be your coach and your motivation you need to have a lot of discipline to succeed. So follow our tips on how to workout at home and see how much it really is possible to have fortified muscles without leaving home. Just not worth training in pajamas! If you liked it, share the post on your Facebook and make your lazy friend practice too!

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