How To Get Pregnant


How to get pregnant fast and achieve the dream of motherhood as soon as possible? Some methods and routines can help and expedite things accordingly.

A couple with no health problems that prevents conception takes an average of one year to get pregnant, a time considered reasonable for a pregnancy to occur. If after one year of constant and planned trials there are no results, it is important to seek the doctor and initiate an investigation to find out if there is any problem of infertility with the couple that is preventing pregnancy.

” How to get pregnant fast ?” It depends on your overall health, depends on the state of health of your partner, depends on the individual responses of each organism, and another set of factors. Either way, you can take advantage of some tips, and with them know how to get pregnant faster , or love less try to accelerate this process!

Fertile Period for Rapid Pregnancy

Enjoy your fertile time to get pregnant fast ! An easy way to calculate your fertile period is through the board to get pregnant . It works like this: the first day of menstruation is known as the first day of the menstrual cycle , and the last day before the next menstruation is the last day of the cycle. In the so-called follicular phase, which starts on average on the fifth day after the onset of menstruation ,   The lining of the uterus becomes thicker, and the follicles in the ovary begin to develop under the influence of hormones. After a few days one or two of these follicles become dominant, and the other follicles die. The dominant follicle releases an egg, and then begins the period of ovulation , or the so-called fertile period, which is the time to get pregnant.

To know when to engage in intercourse and how to get pregnant fast, do the following: On the day you menstruate, add the number of days in the middle of your menstrual cycle to get your fertile day . For example, if your cycle is 28 days and you menstruate on July 1st, your fertile day will be approximately on the 14th day counted from this day, that is, July 14th. Enjoy!

What to Eat to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant fast also involves feeding the expectant mother. First, cut off excess alcoholic beverages. Invest in lean meats, vegetables, greens, whole grains and lots of water. Avoid too much fats and sweets, and control the masses a little. In addition to helping your health in general, doing so improves the condition of the body to receive a future pregnancy.

Positions to get pregnant

There is nothing proven, but some positions can work when trying to get pregnant. In that case, what can we do to know how to get pregnant fast? In theory, any position would be effective in facilitating pregnancy, but some of them may be better by allowing ejaculation to happen closer to the cervix, shortening the path and making the sperm contact more quickly, as in the case of Dad and Mom, where the man is on top. Other positions that may help increase the chances of getting pregnant are penetration with the woman lying on her side or four. In these positions, the spermatozoids also take a shortcut to the cervix and get there faster.

how to get pregnant

How to Get Pregnant? Ask From Doctor

For women and couples who actually have a fertility problem and want to get pregnant fast, the option is to resort to medical treatments to get pregnant. However, it is extremely important that these treatments are done under medical advice and supervision, because if taken on their own or indicated by friends, some medicines can end up worsening the picture if they are not suitable for you. Talk to your gynecologist.

What else to do to get pregnant fast

Besides all these tips, how do I get pregnant faster ? If there is no problem with your or your partner’s health, let nature keep pace. Avoid taking medications to get pregnant – even so-called natural remedies – take care of your body and mind and enjoy while training monthly. Good luck!