How to lose weight in a week Your Complete Guide


Weight loss is the dream of many,but People Mostly Fail to Get this Goal and lose their Fitness Motivation . Because they don’t Know How to Lose Weight Fast Without Weakness. Many key factors that influence the LOSE WEIGHT FAST.To keep the weight is the appearance is recommended to keep a healthy diet, it is necessary to strive enough, keeping a firm routine exercises. So let the tips!

Tips to Lose Weight Fast.

Belly Fat is the body part that bothers us so much and is so difficult TO LOSE Belly Fat Fast.
How to Lose Fat Fast Consider the following tips to help you quickly start to lose those extra kilos:

  •  Lying on the floor

To perform this exercise only need a mat those used for yoga will serve perfectly TO LOSE Fat FAST. lying on his back and legs resting on the floor and bent, place your hands on the back of his head.

Raise the trunk holding the abdominal area, without bending the neck and spine straight. With these three ten to twenty repetitions will be enough to accomplish the task..

  •  Treadmills

The secret is getting the abdomen when you perform the exercise, this way you will reach the full goal.Equal to the previous year, will work on a treadmill LOSE WEIGHT FAST goal.

You will be on your face, leaning on his forearms and the tips of your feet. Elbows should be aligned with the shoulders and the back should be well raised.
Actual results for weight loss

How to lose weight in a week
Practice sports for effective results

Hold this position for at least twenty seconds with a five series will be enough; You can go further increasing the length of time until you get a minute in this position.

  • Frog’s Legs

This exercise is ideal for working the middle and upper part of your abdomen LOSE WEIGHT FAST. The most difficult areas to tone and finally the more headaches give the time to perform exercises.

Should work in a very firm surface, supporting the buttocks and hands, lifting your legs with your knees bent.

Now you must move the legs and torso forward and back, causing both areas rest against the abdominal wall, it is right there where you can feel the pressure that exercise does. Ten to twenty repetitions will be enough to have good results.

  • Elevation of the legs

Begin laying withback on the floor, arms in the lower back and legs completely straight and together.

How to lose weight in a week
Step by step towards a focused and effective workout

Raise your legs up toward the ceiling, keeping together and holding them in this position about four seconds.

  • Abdominal Stretch

The main function of this type of exercise is to tone and recover the body from stress after an intense workout. These stretches should be performed at the end of the routine exercises proposed.

Lying with his back on the floor and wide body straight and motionless, resting your hands on the floor and raise your arms, this way your chest will rise. He maintains his abdomen contracted at all times while performing stretches.

  • Best physical activities To Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight in a week
Physical activities are essential to lose weight

Follow below some indications of possible physical activities you will practice to lose weight quickly and conveniently.

  • Running

Running is a great exercise to LOSE WEIGHT FAST . A speed race over 600 calories per hour, depending on the intensity and weight, can guarantee good results in such a short time.

Walking and jogging are great allies for those who can not pick up heavy. Walking at a rate of about least 3.5 mph, burns more calories than 250, while a Cooper spends only 200 calories. Never do beyond what your body can give, forcing him to a drastic change in habits.

Make the practice of sport a healthy and joyful entertainment, because the psychological effect is very important to define whether it will be a winner in your search or not.

  • Academy is also in the planning

For those who love to work in the company of friends and go to the gym to make your exercise routine, there are several options that are part of the list of the top ten activity and burn calories at an incredible speed.

How to lose weight in a week
Keep a body always healed

A training under these conditions burn more than 450 calories per hour. while a spinning class with friends provides a burning 700 calories without sweating a lot and it’s not boring, it will be at most one hour. aerobic exercise on a step of the the 6-inch 8 offers you a burning more than 500 calories.

Not happy?

Then do as Rocky Balboa, grabs a rope and start jumping to lose weight Fast. By doing so you lose more than 650 calories for one hour.

  • Swimming

Calories burned: 800 cal / hr – Swimming is an aerobic exercise and unlike running, you can practice longer and at a much more leisurely pace, and even more, all people can practice even having problems joints or age.

Swimming is a politically correct sport because everyone has the opportunity to losing weight and having fun at the same time.Swimming is great to LOSE WEIGHT FAST

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