Pregnancy Stages and Life Style


There are many changes in life from the moment you discover that you are pregnant. There are several Pregnancy Stages.We have separated these Stages of Pregnancy in steps to help you through these nine months to come.

The Pregnancy Schedule

pregnancy Stages

Early on, you’ll want to know the date of birth. However, there is no exact prediction. Only about 1 in 20 women give birth exactly on schedule. Much of it gives birth within a week or two before or after. About 1 in 8 women give birth prematurely (3 or more weeks ahead of schedule)

• Pregnancy Stages are counted per week (for example, “12 weeks of pregnancy” or “38 weeks of pregnancy”). A normal pregnancy takes about 40 weeks (from the first day of your last menstrual period until the end of gestation), and divided into three sections, called quarters.

• You will probably be in doubt about when to share news with friends. Many women choose to wait for the end of the first trimester because after that period the risk of miscarriage decreases significantly. In addition, it is natural to want to inform relatives, other children, company at different times.

• Do not worry if your belly is slow to grow. There is also no pattern in time, but you will probably be visibly pregnant only after the first trimester or halfway through the second.

• You are likely to hear your baby’s heartbeat soon after your first or second visit to the doctor. To see on the ultrasound, you will need to expect to reach half the pregnancy. That is, the period between 16 and 20 weeks. In this same period, if you want, you can already identify the gender of the baby.

Your Body During Pregnancy

pregnancy Stages

• The body changes in several ways in Different Pregnancy Stages . Of course, your belly will grow and you will gain weight. In addition, your breasts will grow considerably and eventually become painful and / or tender. Your skin may look shiny, darker, or even “peel”; In addition, and your nails can grow faster. Stretch marks will probably appear on the belly, but most of these changes disappear after pregnancy.

• You may feel very tired during Different Pregnancy Stages, especially at the beginning and at the end.

• You may have headaches, heartburn, low back pain, leg cramps, nausea, swollen hands and feet, bleeding gums, dizziness and a variety of pains and other symptoms during pregnancy. Most women feel good during the second trimester. And some “lucky ones” feel all the way through the pregnancy.

• About 3 out of 4 pregnant women have nausea and vomiting during the morning in the first trimester. Of course, this can happen for the rest of the day as well.

• You may have changes in appetite during pregnancy. This can result in food cravings never felt before.

• You will begin to feel the baby “kicking” during the second quarter of  Pregnancy, Probably between 16 and 22 weeks.

• It will be common to lose the notion that your own body occupies. You will start to hit things and walk with difficulty.

Health During Pregnancy Stages,

stages of pregnancy

It is important to have specialized care in pregnancy (prenatal). Soon after you find out you are pregnant, find a doctor who will accompany you.

• It is advisable to avoid things that are not safe for your developing baby. Avoid alcohol, certain medicines and foods. Follow all directions from your doctor and nutritionist.

• Make sure you take the prenatal vitamins properly, including folic acid. Nourish yourself with a nutritious diet and practice pregnancy-friendly exercise. Again, talk to your doctor about what is right for you.

• You may find it difficult to sleep. Find the most suitable position. Experts say it is best for you and the baby to sleep on your left side, especially in the second half of pregnancy.

• Pregnancy can affect your emotional health, in part because hormonal changes during pregnancy alter brain chemistry. You can pass high emotions, good and bad, or you may feel moody or anxious. At least 1 in 10 pregnant women suffer from bouts of depression .

• Most women have 10 to 15 prenatal visits. Going to them all is really important, even if you’re feeling good. Your doctor will check your weight, belly size, blood pressure and urine; Will do other tests or tests as needed and check on your baby.

• Some women experience pregnancy complications and need special care to ensure the best possible outcome for your baby. About 1 in 5 pregnant women are put to absolute rest, your doctor will decide.

• You need to start thinking about where and how you want to give birth. You need to prepare for labor. Search for types of births and consult your doctor about what would be best for your health.

Your baby during pregnancy

stages of pregnancy

If you have a health plan, see when and how to add your baby to your plan. If you do not have it, seek to sign up for a public hospital care plan.

• Choose a doctor for your baby. It is important to do this during pregnancy so that everything is ready when the baby arrives.

• It is interesting to look for, even in pregnancy, childcare options, such as kindergartens, kindergartens, etc. Whether it is private or public service, the waiting list can be extensive. So the sooner you sign up the better.

• You need to choose a baby’s name during pregnancy (or soon after). Look for guidance and inspiration, and then see the popularity and meaning of your favorite names.

• Some decisions about the care of your newborn are worth contemplating before birth. For example, are you going to breastfeed your baby? Will you donate blood from your baby’s umbilical cord? And if you are having a boy, will he be circumcised?

Pregnancy Stages and your relationships

stages of pregnancy

Your relationship with your partner, family, and friends may change during pregnancy (and it changes even more after your baby arrives).

• You may find that your pregnancy affects your sex life. In most cases, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe, but pregnancy can increase or decrease your sexual desire.

Your Money During Pregnancy

stages of pregnancy

Your baby will change your budget, so it is essential to prepare. Make a list of the costs that you will face during the first year and beyond. See also any change in income due to your work permit.

• You will need to purchase several pregnancy products as your body changes during stages of Pregancy. For example, body pillow, maternity clothes and larger bras.Be aware of the possibility of buying, even in pregnancy, things like car accent, cribs, stroller and other items .

• With a new member in the family, a car or larger house may be needed. For the same reason, try to see this before the baby is born so things are not rushed.

Life in general during pregnancy Stages

stages of pregnancy

Someone you know may want to have a baby shower. This is a great idea to get items your baby will need. Women usually book a baby shower during the 7 or 8 months of pregnancy because they already know what to put on the list, especially items related to the baby’s gender.

• Personal habits and timing may change during Different Stages of Pregnancy. For example, you may regularly feel too tired to stay out late. You will stop participating in certain hobbies; Will avoid smoking and people who smoke. Yes, your interests and priorities may change, too, which may affect the way you want to use your time.

• If you are planning to travel during pregnancy, make sure you are traveling safely. Be aware of airline policies that prohibit pregnant women from flying late in last pregnancy Stages. See these details as this can cause a lot of fatigue and stress , compromising your emotional health.

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