5 Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast


People Use many ways and tips to lose belly fat.The exercises are great way to burn excess fat.because it improve cardiovascular system and increase metabolism causing the body to expend more energy.Diet also help to lose belly fat when it is used in right way.

5 Tips To Lose Belly Fat in 4 Weeks

  1. Take tea

How to lose belly fat fast

Green Tea Plays a vital role in weight loss program.Green tea has catechins that help dry the belly. Another tip to increase metabolism is to add 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper coffee in the tea water to help speed up metabolism and burn fat.

2. Exercising

Few Minutes Exercise on daily basis Helps to Lose Weight as well As to get Rid of belly Fat. One of the secrets to burn fat is Running. because the body uses stored fat as an energy source.Some cardio Exercise at home or gym also important is weight lose goal.

3. Eat well

Eat Well Should be Your Habit. Eating fiber in every meal is a great strategy to not get hungry. Write down everything you eat, making a food diary.Take 3 Small Meals. To end the belly fat do regular meals during the day, avoiding times when the volume of the meal is too large, thus avoiding the overproduction of insulin and increased fat mass.

4. Regular bowel

How to lose belly fat fast

Keep the intestines working regularly with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables present fiber. This avoids constipation and use of laxatives that can irritate the bowel swelling and causing gases.

To help regulate the intestines, invest in seeds like sesame, flax and chia, adding 1 tablespoon (soup) at every meal. However, to ensure the elimination of feces, 2 liters of drinking water, juice unsweetened tea every day.

5. Massaging the belly with reducing fat cream

Massage located in the belly every day helps to activate blood circulation and shape the silhouette.It’s the fat that the toxins are concentrated, so it is very important to ensure proper hydration and thus facilitate their elimination from the intestine and urine, because when there is a burning fat located there is also a large release of toxins in the body, which must be eliminated not to cause swelling and lead to premature aging.

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